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TWENTY AND TEN Claire Huchet Bishop

Twenty and Ten is about the twenty Catholic kids who have to hide ten Jewish kids. When their nun goes to town to get food the Nazis come to there house to find the Jewish kids. Now the twenty Catholic kids have to find the courage to save their friends.

My favorite part was when they were bribed with oranges and a 3 year old called an orange  the orange ball

Twenty and Ten

I think children 9-13 wll enjoy this book. Boys and girls would both like this book. [rating=4]


The Nazis have taken over ten year old Annie`s town, and it’s just  her, her two sisters and her dad but her mom never made it- she had a kidney disorder and passed away in the hospital.

My favorite part was when Annie and Sadi have to go to the hiding place called “the cave” ,and Sadi finds out that it’s  New Years Eve!

I think people 9-34 will enjoy this book; I think mostly girls will enjoy this book.

Upstairs Room

Twenty and Ten by Clair Hutchet

This book is about ten Jews hiding in a school with twenty other kids who are not Jews. Then the nun goes to the post office to get their sack of food. Then Nazi soldiers are looking for the Jewish children.

My favorite part was when the Nazi soldiers came to the school and kept asking for the Jewish children.

I think children who are 7-12 year old will enjoy this book. I think boys will enjoy this book.

Twenty and Ten