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Hi all,

For Summer Reading 2010, please use this link to get to the


Directions and questions for the Lane School Summer Reading books are located there.

Have a GREAT summer!!!!

Ms. C

SAMMY, DOG DETECTIVE by Colleen Stanley Bare

The book was about a dog trying to be a detective. He did a lot of neat thing like climbed ladders, climbed barrels, and jumped into windows.

My favorite part was when he tried to steal kisses from the kids.

I think children who are 8 or 9 years old will enjoy this book.

I think both girls and boys should read this book.

Sammy Dog Detective

THIMBLE SUMMER by Elizabeth Enright

Thimble Summer is about a girl named Garnet and all her adventures during the summer. And she has a lot of adventures! Getting trapped in a library, finding a mysterious stranger, running away from home, and a lot more! My favorite part was when Garnet and her friend, Citronella, got trapped in the library and no one knew where they were. Plus Citronella had just read a very good murder mystery, so she was going slightly crazy. I think boys and girls ages 8-12 would enjoy this book .Thimble Summer

WALK TWO MOONS by Sharon Creech

This book is about a girl named Salamanica. When Sal’s mom goes missing she takes it into her own hands to find her. With the help of her friend Pheobe they find out something that know one would expect.

My favorite part is when Pheobe and Sal figure out who Pheobe’s potential lunatic is. I liked this part because Pheobe has a very large imagination. Also it was a huge relief to find out who he was.

I think that girls ages 11-15 will like this book.

I give this book

Walk Two Moons

DOCTOR DE SOTO by William Steig

This story is about a doctor mouse named Doctor De Soto. They took a risk by helping a fox. They glued the fox’s teeth. My favorite part is that the doctor outfoxed the fox.

I think children who are 11 years old will enjoy reading this book.

Dr DeSoto

WHEN YOU REACH ME by Rebecca Stead

Miranda is a 6th grade girl who knows how to navigate her way through her New York neighborhood. She knows who to avoid and who she can talk to. But when someone starts to follow her around and she gets mysterious notes that predict a friends death, she starts to get scared. My favorite part of this story was when Miranda gets the first note.

I think that both boys and girls will like to read this book.

When you reach me


In this book, Dr. Dolittle and Tommy Stubbins go on an adventure to Spider Monkey Island. When they get there, they discover that the great Long Arrow has dissapeared. The team goes to the mountains and they find Long Arrow in a cave. After that, Dr. Dolittle faces his biggest predicament ever. My favorite part was when the doctors ship crashes on the coast of Brazil.

I think children 9-11 will enjoy this book.

I think boys and girls will like this book.

Dr Dolittle

THE FAMILY UNDER THE BRIGDE by Natalie Savage Carlson

“The Family Under the Bridge”  is about a hobo named Armand who finds three orphan children. Armand gets a close bond with the children and must find a better home them.

I think kids from ages 7 from 11 would enjoy this book.

Family Under the Bridge


The Graveyard Book is about a boy named Bod that runs away to a graveyard because his family gets murdered. When Bod gets to the graveyard he gets raised by ghosts. If he goes out of the graveyard the murderer will kill him. My favorite part is when the murderer goes into the graveyard and tries stab him.

I think boys and girls ages 8 to 11 will like this book.

Graveyard Book


This book is about Carol’s grandmother’s childhood in pioneer times. Caddie goes on many adventures with her brothers and plays many jokes and fools. She was not the average girl in those times, and she worked as if she was a young boy.

The best part was when Caddie plays many pranks on her cousin that came all the way from Boston to Western Winsconsin to vist them at their farm. I recomend this book to girls 9-12.

Caddie Woodlawn